Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.
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Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

nina dobrev behind the scenes for nylon // august 2014


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Okay, but I don’t think people realize just how shaken and broken Elena will be because of Damon’s death. And rightfully so. Not because he’s the most important person in her life and not because his death is worse than the death of her parents, her aunt or her brother. That is not what I’m trying to say here. 

It’s going to devastate and completely break her because his presence was something that she believed was going to be eternal and permanent. His death completely shattered her belief system.

It was Damon that was going to stay, even if she picked Stefan again and again (“If I choose one of you, then I’ll lose the other.”-3x20). It was Damon that was going to make it out alive, always, because he never failed to come back to her. They always survived. And in those instances where he was a breath away from dying, she knew she was going to be there to save him. Whether that be to forgive him for all the horrible things he’s done (2x22) or to quite literally save his ass (1x11, 3x22, 4x22, 5x02, 5x08).

She believed, with her entire being, that he was always going to be there because he always has been. Elena Gilbert would always be Damon Salvatore’s top priority and she knew that. People change, people leave, and life goes on, but Damon would change with her, leave with her, and start a life with her. She knew that she would eventually have to deal with the human death of her brother and Bonnie. Humans die from old age (and from being around her, but shh, she can’t think about that for too long or else she’ll go insane), but vampires don’t die.

Damon Salvatore would never leave her side. That naive belief started to form the night that she met him on that bridge and was a full-fledged foundation by the end of Season 5. He was there when her parents were alive, he was there when she was human, and he was there when she was a vampire.

He was the one thing she was always sure of and if you cannot grasp how devastating this type of death can be to a young woman who’s lost so much, then I don’t think you can understand Elena Gilbert at all.


nina dobrev for nylon magazine // august 2014

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine - August 2014

Your mental and physical health comes before anything. Exams can be redone. Your life can’t.
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Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

He’s always been there for me when I needed him


A few days ago I saw this DE gifset with Elena saying “It felt safe…like he’d never die” and yes in a way it does make sense to make that connection because for Elena, Damon was her constant and when death came in the way even though he was a vampire, she found a way to undo it and reading Naomi’s recent meta, some people are echoing this idea. But to me it’s the context of how her situation with Damon actually both parallels and contrasts that quote meant for her relationship with Stefan, that makes it so much more important. She says to Matt “In the beginning when I was with Stefan, it felt safe…like he’d never die” and Matt adds understandingly “like your parents” and she nods. Looking back at the pilot Elena having been hit by the grief of her parents is looking for something new and something stable and Stefan being a vampire gives her that security as she says it started from the beginning of their relationship as to why she was with him. Elena was grieving her parents and he kind of became a sort of “replacement” for that loss, a representative for a constant, not because of who he was solely but more because he was immortal technically. It’s not that she didn’t love him; she did and it’s not that she wasn’t happy at all with him but it was a different kind of love compared to hers for Damon, which she had trouble accepting, while Stefan was the one who was comparatively more morally acceptable and she was supposed to love him, not fall for his brother. 

With Damon, however, it was not simply because he was a vampire and that he couldn’t die but because Damon was Damon and he snuck up on her, as much as she didn’t expect it and she couldn’t shake him after that. When asked about Stefan, Elena had an explanation as to why date him as a vampire but with Damon, that was not something to justify her feelings for him but something to fight it even further with and when Matt asks her why, she can’t really give a reason, but just explain the aftermath(“He got under my skin and no matter what I do, I can’t shake him”) because Damon being everything he was with his good and bad, spoke to her somehow right from the start - on the middle of the road when they were just strangers who met by accident.

In the case of Stefan, it was a lot about timing as she said in 3x22 “He came into my life at a time when I needed someone" and in the pilot she keeps emphasizing how she needed "someone new". It’s not to say she didn’t fall for who Stefan was as a person, but she also idealized him a lot in ways while with Damon, she didn’t like who he was at first but with every interaction, she found out there was more to him and how despite their seeming differences they had an understanding, a connection, a pull that she couldn’t really explain that was in ways stronger than hers with Stefan but she fought it and when he screwed up, she tried to cut him out of her life but failed. In contrast to Stefan, Elena said about Damon "He’s always been there for me when I needed him”. He didn’t come in at the right time or anything like that and he was far from the ideal person.

He was always there for her when she needed him; he was there for her through it all, even when he claimed he was done, and he made her feel happy, angry, safe, miserable, free, consumed - all those emotions, all those contradictions all in one. She needed him, not because he was the best thing for her but because he was Damon, with his best and worst qualities and she couldn’t fathom living without him because everytime she fell he was there and she searched for him when he was not - both reluctant survivors, but neither wanting the other to die or fathom them not in their lives and willing to go to extremes to keep them alive. She was willing to go against everything she believed in, to keep him alive and she was willing to die with him, if it ever came to him dying because she couldn’t imagine what she’d do without him being physically there, even if upset(“I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here”) and when it came to a future which she was so scared to think about, with Matt or Stefan, and even when she hallucinated the perfect life she could have had with a fantasy!Stefan(induced by Markos for some doppelganger juju), with her parents alive and her kids that she’d never have, it didn’t matter because it wasn’t real and when it came down to it, when she had to picture her future, having to contemplate eternity, all she could see was Damon.

And just the day, she voiced those thoughts, he was snatched away from her, shaking up everything she believed in, leaving her behind again as a survivor left with the memories of dreams of her own that could never be.

Our actions are what sets things in motion, but we have to live with that.


"I’m constantly trying to make myself better, to learn more. I didn’t finish college, so I feel like I’m always having to prove myself. I don’t want to feel like the smallest person in the room."

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